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Budget and Cash-Flow

The budget app helps you organize your expenses, cash flows, and accounts. In this way you will be able to track and visualize how your budget progresses as you take certain steps within your business. As the business matures, the budget app will also enable you to have a clear overview of where you can make savings in order to optimize your business.

Using the budget app, you can gain greater insight into the budgets and cash flows of the project, while at the same time be aware of the needs to strengthen your involvement in budgeting and financial management. The project will have an anchored master budget, while hunchd offers tools to keep track of current budgets. Besides the master budget, the app allows you to incorporate different scenarios, including a baseline estimation and other scenarios depending on outcomes of different external factors. This allows you to compare the effects of a price shock to each scenario, decide on important thresholds for your project, and take important make-or-break decisions in both large- and small-scale settings.

Visualization of revenues, costs and profits for each scenario are an important tool, which enables you to evaluate financial decisions on an enlightened background. When does your project begin to make an operating profit? When does your project reach the break-even point? All these questions are easily answered with allowance for variations within each scenario. By constantly updating your budget through real-time recording of inflow/outflow and new revenue/cost posts, the budget will always be up to date and assist you in making decisions based on a financially informed basis.

The budget app is integrated with the Business Model Canvas app, so every time you add a source of revenue or expenditure, it automatically appears on your business model, to help you keep the overview intact. Moreover, our technology enables you to upload posting files from any ERP or accounting system, and gain insight into actual spending at any time.

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